laughing boy in the leaves

nikon d500 + 58mm f/1.4g at f/1.4

pierrot in the field

shot with the nikon 58mm f/1.4g at f/1.4

vintage still life

outside on christmas day, nikon z6 + 85mm f/1.8s at f/1.8

doll head by the evergreen

a vintage doll on a late summer afternoon. mood: pensive.

tango fest, march 2019

shot with a Nikon Z6, in very low light with a high ISO.

mannequins in a store window

night in august

roses in the garden

the charlady’s daughter, 1934

Pastel by Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson. (British, 1889-1946)
I’ll include more of my favorite work by Nevinson in future posts.

another flea market denizen

paris flea market doll
Contemplating her future on a bright Saturday morning.